some introductory phrases

When introducing a friend to a third party, someone might say:

Pèrmiti-mi presentá mi amigu Mario.

If one were introducing a colleague one could say:

Pèrmiti-mi presentá mi kolega, señor Martin Erikson.

The third party might say something like:

Ta un plaser. or Muchu gustu.

(roughly equivalent to English nice to meet you or it's a pleasure). A more formal response would be

Kontentu di sera konosí ku señor Erikson.

(based on information in Basiscursus Papiaments)

Well then, we have a few more words for the vocabulary.

kontentu : glad, contented
plaser : pleasure
pèrmiti-mi : allow me to
presentá : to present
amigu : friend
kolega : colleague, co-worker

Papiamentu has a few nouns that change their final vowel to indicate a person's gender. Amigu is a male friend and amiga is a female friend. But kolega is a colleague of either gender.

muchu gustu : "much enjoyment" or "very happy to be doing (whatever)". Another example: Ku muchu gustu nos ta presentá e promé edishon. "We are very pleased to present the first edition."

The examples of muchu gustu that I've seen to date give the impression that it is mainly used when meeting or introducing people or presenting things to an audience; but I could be wrong about that.

sera konosí : "become acquainted with." Another example: laga nan sera konosí ku su naturalesa i historia, "let them get acquainted with its nature and history."