sintibo liber

I became curious about the phrase sintibo liber, "feel free (to)," so I googled it. Here are four sentences containing the phrase. See if you can read them without any help. My attempts to translate them into English are down at the bottom of this blog entry.

Note: the first sentence uses the Aruban spelling expresa instead of the Curaçaoan ekspresá.

1. Sintibo liber pa expresa bo mes.

2. Sintibo liber pa duna bo opinion.

3. I si bo ke pa hasi kontakto personal, sintibo liber.

4. Sintibo liber pa kombersa kwalkier topiko interesante na Papiamentu.


spoiler space



1. Feel free to express yourself.

2. Feel free to give your opinion.

3. And if you want to make personal contact, feel free.

4. Feel free to converse (about) any interesting topic in Papiamentu.