word of the day: loke

The English word "what" has several different translations into Papiamentu depending on whether it is an interrogative word or a relative pronoun.

"What" can also have an important but seldom-discussed linking function as in I know what you did. In these latter cases "what" can usually by replaced by "that which…" or "the thing which…" And in these cases the Papiamentu equivalent appears to be loke.

Some examples from various sources:

Ya bo sa loke bo ke.
You already know what you want.

Loke mi ke bira: bombero.
What I want to become: fireman.

No yora ora bo no por hasi loke nan sí ta hasi.
Don't weep when you cannot do what they can do.


bira = become
bombero = firefighter
hasi = do, make, engage in
ke = want
ora = when (in the linking sense of "when", not the interrogative sense)
por = be able to
sa = know
ya = already
yora = weep, cry


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