Goilo notes continued

One more thing about the pronunciation section. Goilo says v is sometimes pronounced as "a soft b in words of Spanish origin, e.g. vence… venenu… varios." I assume "soft b" refers to the bilabial fricative of Spanish, written as [β] in the International Phonetic Alphabet. I wonder if this phoneme really exists in all Papiamento/u or if it is only used by a few individuals.

Linguist Philippe Maurer makes no mention of the bilabial fricative in the various articles he's published about Papiamento (for example, Die Verschriftung des Papiamentu, published in the book Zum Stand der Kodifizierung romanischer Kleinsprachen.) I'm in the process of obtaining some other books written by linguists; I'll have to remember to search for any allusions to the bilabial fricative.