mi a rabia?

While looking for examples of rabia (angry) on the web, I found this sentence: Mi a echt rabia ora mi a skucha e noticia.

Is that correct Papiamentu? Seems like that first a be tabata instead???

I know, there's no point in posting questions here because nobody will answer them. (sigh) update: Thanks to acireisrebo for the great response.



niky said...

hey, sorry can't answer your question as i don't speak papiamentu.
i just wondered if anybody knows where on the web i could listen to the poems or any other texts in papiamentu (with english translation)?

Anonymous said...

mi a rabia can be used for the past tense. mi tabata rabia (i was mad) sounds a bit weird in spoken language, but it is gramatically correct. also, "echt" is a dutch word meaning "really", added for stress. this is not a papiamento word, however, and is used only in slang terms. it would be better to use "hopi" (very) than "echt".