word of the day: wandu

wandu is a word of unknown origin. According to Antoine Maduro* some lexicographers viewed it as an indigenous Carib word, others as a word of African source.

Wandu ta un sorto di bonchi. Wandu is a kind of bean.

Wandu is a species of plant in the legume family. "Pigeon pea" appears to be the English name; the scientific name is Cajanus cajan. It makes seeds that can be cooked and eaten. Roasted seeds can make a sort of coffee that was used for medicinal purposes (according to one list of home remedies that I found on the web).

Photos of the plant and its seeds are visible in Wikipedia. About 200 ways to use the plant's seeds, leaves and stems are described in a webpage at purdue.edu

*Procedencia di palabranan papiamentu i otro anotacionnan, Corsou 1966


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Hidson GuimarĂ£es said...

In Northeast Brazil we have "andu".