book: Haiku in Papiamentu

reseña di buki, reposted from 2008-09-22

Haiku in Papiamentu is one of the few bilingual English-Papiamentu books available from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk (ISBN 0888644108)

It features haiku by noted poet Elis Juliana with poetic (not literal) English translations by Hélène Garrett. A sample:

Difísil tende
gritu di stoma bashí
si di bo ta yen.

Easy to ignore
growls of an empty stomach
when your own is full.

A literal translation would have been:

Difficult (to) hear
scream of stomach empty
if yours is full.

And, by the way, that gives us approx 7 more words for our vocabulary…

bashí : empty (can also mean "broke" (penniless) according to Ratzlaff)
difísil : difficult, hard
gritu : a scream
si : if (note: sí = yes, si = if)
stoma : stomach
tende : hear
yen : full

exercise: Translate my stomach is full into Papiamentu.

Anyway, I think it's a good book for students to have: a collection of brief stand-alone Papiamentu texts with English translations.

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