Learn Papiamentu / Papiamento

This is a monthly message explaining the purpose of this blog. You are tuned to ‘Papiamentu tur dia,’ a resource for English-speakers who want to study or learn the language Papiamentu a.k.a. Papiamento.

You can use the categories (kategoria) visible on the right-hand side of the page to find posts about a particular topic. For example, information about pronouncing the language is in the ‘Pronunciation’ category.

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Anonymous said...

Bon Nochi, tur kos ta bon?

Currently I'm on Curacao doing my six month internship. I always had a passion for languages and had decided to learn papiamentu. While scrolling the internet I stumbled across your blog.

How long have you been studying Papiamentu know and how is it going along?

Keep up the good work!