Papiamentu / Ingles Dikshonario Bilingual

Book Review

title: Papiamentu / Ingles Dikshonario Bilingual
author: Betty Ratzlaff-Henriquez
publisher: Stichting Jeugdwerk Jong Bonaire, 2008
ISBN: 9789990408362
468 pages, 23 cm. tall

This book is a very valuable tool for anyone who wants to study Papiamentu. It's more useful than the wordlists and wiktionaries that are floating around the internet. For one thing, it labels words that are only used on one or two of the islands. When you look up dakue, this dictionary tells you that the word is mainly used by Curaçao residents.

There are also examples of usage for about 5% of the words. Under lechi you will find listed lechi di bleki canned milk and lechi di pòlbu powdered milk. Many words have synonyms and near-synonyms listed with them to help you find the word with the right connotation.

This second edition has a small list of addenda, a summary of the differences between the Aruba and Curaçao orthographies, and a bilingual biography of the author. Compared to the first edition this new version is printed on thinner paper and is much lighter in weight.

If you are studying Papiamentu or you think you might someday do so, you should grab a copy or two of this dictionary while it's available. You can order it from papiamentudictionary.com … Used copies of the first and second editions are sometimes available on eBay, Amazon, and ABEbooks.