radio show *in* & *about* Papiamentu

Once a week radio station Bon FM in Bonaire transmits Arthur Sealy’s 4-minute radio show discussing his opinions of correct Papiamentu usage and explaining details of the language that are not universally understood. In April he won a literary prize — e premio di Tapushi Literario — for his program “Bon uso di papiamentu.”

The show is a valuable resource for students of Papiamentu. In addition to the information about syntax and vocabulary, the show gives you a chance to hear conjunctions, pronouns, verbs and example sentences being pronounced carefully by someone sitting in front of a good microphone.

Keep in mind that Mr. Sealy has some very strong opinions and he is talking about a prescriptivist view of how the language should be used, rather than an objective view of how it is used.

Some of the past episodes are posted on Soundcloud. Here are links to the episodes from August and September of 2015. There are a few re-runs in the series; sometimes an episode is repeated 4 or 5 months after its first appearance, so if you collect all of them you will experience a little bit of repetition. I will try to write a proper table of contents for all the episodes someday in the future.

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