video: fun words *plus* ò vs. o

The ‘NotSoSubtle’ guys on YouTube made another cool video. This one explains some words that they consider to be especially enjoyable.

Notice the way they pronounce the real word ròkòtòkò and the hypothetical word rokotoko. It’s a great example of the difference between ò and o. I took the liberty of extracting an audio clip of these two words; it is at picosong.com/UdQi

The ò is a little bit like the vowel in “cot” in some (but not all) regional varieties of English. The unmarked o is like the vowel in “note” but purer (the o in English glides toward a u sound). The spelling system in Aruba writes both of these vowels with the letter o while the Curaçao system uses ò and o to distinguish them.

The specially marked vowels in Papiamentu (è ò ù ü) seem to be vowel-sounds that don’t exist in Spanish.

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