frase di awe 2017-01-07

Sentence of the day! From an article on retkaribense about the family of a man killed by Dutch police trying to get all of the involved officers prosecuted:

E turista arubano a fayesé na yüni di 2015 di violensia ekstremo ku polisnan a usa ora a arest’é.
The Aruban tourist died in June of 2015 from extreme violence that the police used when they arrested him.

add to our vocabulary:

fayesé : to pass away, to die
usa : to use, to utilize
arestá : to arrest; a arest’é : arrested him/her

If you want a bit of background (in English) about Mitch Henriquez’ death you can read this article.

If you’re making flash-cards of vocabulary words to study, do you include obvious words like turista and ekstremo or not?