frase di awe (Papiamentu sentences)

frase di awe
Literal translation: sentence(s) of today
Free translation: The sentence of the day!

Bon aña! = (Have a) good year!
Próspero aña nobo. = (Have a) prosperous new year!
Nos ta na komienso di un aña nobo. = We are at the start of a new year.
Mi ta deseá boso tur hopi felisidat den aña nobo. = I wish for all of you much happiness in the new year.

add to our vocabulary:

bon : good (has a nasalized vowel, more like French bon than English bone)
aña : year (nasalized glide slightly different from the -ny- in English canyon/onion)
boso tur : all of you
hopi felisidat : a lot of happiness, a great deal of happiness
na komienso di : at the start of, in the beginning of