frase di awe: sports rulebooks

Over on Kiko Ta Pasando an article appeared several months ago about a new softball rulebook published in Papiamentu: Reglanan Ofisial di Sòfbòl 2014-2017 na Papiamentu.

The article contains this interesting historical note, which can serve as our Sentence(s) of the Day:

Na aña 1938 Dokter Antoin Maduro tabata e promé hende ku a tradusí un buki di regla di deporte na Papiamentu. E tempu ei tabata e buki di regla di futbòl.

loose translation: In the year 1938 Dr. Antoine Maduro was the first person who translated a book of sports rules into Papiamentu. At that time the rulebook was about soccer.

If you haven’t heard of Antoine Maduro here is a very brief explanation of who he was.

add to our vocabulary:

tradusí : translate
regla : rule, regulation
deporte : sport(s)
sòfbòl : softball (the English form softball is often used)